T-Motor AT2202-32 TIGER 2300kv 14.5g Vergrößern

T-Motor AT2202-32 TIGER 2300kv 14.5g


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Tiger Motor 2202-2300KV 14g Brushless motor used for any 3-4oz foamie model. Quality without compromise! There is no mistaking the quality, reliability and overall performance of the AT 2202 2300kv motors. Tested, proven to outlast and provide you with endless flights. 2-3s capable for 40-60 watts of power. The 5.5mm intergraded hub design works directly with our Tuff props and also the GWS Slow Fly props, also included alum hub rings for use of multiple brand props. Used for our Crack Wing or Mini models: 2s 180-250mah lipo w/ 6x3 or 7x3.4 prop.



Constant Amps = 6 / 11 Burst
2s 40 watts /3s 60 watts



Adapter rings, light duty O-Ring and mounting screws.

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